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Honey Malone: Cold Case in Georgia

tumblr_pfl3r02O4M1wis8gho2_640After 7 years, the case of Vanessa “Honey” Malone is still cold. On October 23, 2012, this petite, 18 year old teenager from Stone Mountain, Georgia had just gotten off work and wanted to go hang with her friends. About 15 minutes after leaving home, her mom (Flora) said that she heard a loud noise that sounded almost like a firecracker. She called her daughter and got no answer. She didn’t hear anything from her daughter until she got a knock at her door from police (3 hours later) that stated that her daughter got shot. She immediately called her other daughter Cassaundra to let her know what she had been told. They walked over to the crime scene and waited on the curb as police investigated the scene. Their worst fears were realized after being told that Honey didn’t make it.

The family couldn’t get an autopsy on Vanessa’s and wasn’t given a lot of information. People suspect that Honey walked in on a robbery in progress. But not everyone believe that theory. Many believe that she was lured to the apartment so that she can be killed to silence her for something she knew.

Flora hasn’t been able to celebrate holidays because her daughter is gone. She wants to know who did this and why. Honey’s cell phone was found in a wooded area about a mile from the apartment and the family was not allowed to have access to the phone.  On an interview on Nancy Grace, Flora asked a hypothetical question: Why would robbers open a door for someone that was knocking while they were committing a crime. It doesn’t make sense. It has also been said that these “robbers” didn’t take anything except Honey’s cell phone. Some believe that illegal drugs could have been a factor but this is only a theory.

A hand gun has been seized and a suspect (a victim that was tied up) has been arrested. We will continue to follow this case. There is a support group on facebook at

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