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Kejuan Mason: Safe NOWHERE!

Kejuan wanted a cupcake so he went into the refrigerator to get it. He was only 3 years old and didn’t want to bother anyone. Glenndria Morris, his guardian, became upset and decided to whoop him. Her sister, Lashirley, had other plans.

Kejuan, his twin brother and 3 other siblings were under the care of Glenndria after DFCS opened a case against his mother Geraldine Mason. Geraldine was arrested for recklace conduct in March of 2017. According to an article by AJC, it had been reported that she had anger issues, neglected her kids and left her kids home alone; this is what led the kids to be cared for by Glenndria Morris.

The house in which these kids lived was roach infested and crowded. The apartment was a 2 bedroom but a total of 7 people lived in the home. After a scheduled visitation, Geraldine noticed bruising and reported it to DFCS but a judge denied her request to have the kids removed from the home. Three days later, Kejuan was dead.

On the day Kejuan was killed, Glenndria lied to detectives by first saying that the 3 year old died after falling asleep; he had been laughing and talking after a incident of choking on a cupcake. She later changed the story and said that Kejuan died after choking on the cupcake and couldn’t be revived. An autopsy revealed that Kejuan died of blunt force trauma. He had been beaten with a baseball bat by LaShirley Morris.

LaShirley plead guilty to murder and received life. While waiting for her sentence she received additional charges of battery and unlawful acts of violence in a penal institution in Fulton County Jail. She is currently serving her life sentence in Arrendale State Prison. Her sister Glenndria is still being held on a $200,000 bond for 2nd degree murder for not stopping the beating to Kejuan.

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