Michael Jay Ireland: Murder Suicide!

This seem to be a common theme lately. This story is about a man who decided to kill his entire family…including the dog. Michael Jay Ireland (39), killed his wife April (29), their 3 children Caroline (8 months),  Bryson (3), Jason (4) and the family dog.

The family had some issues in the past which caused the police to show up. When you look at their Facebook pages, everything looks normal; a hard working man and a stay at home mom.  But last week, April made a post that was a sign to tensions in the household.

April posted this on her Facebook page

No telling what was happening. Studies show that men who suffer from depression, don’t seek help and substance abuse is usually the cause of these type of cases. All family members died from a single gunshot wound.

If you or someone you know are being abused in a domestic situation please prepare to leave. Call 211 to get safe house locations or for sources that will help you financially. Save up as much money as you can. Stash a bag for yourself and kids and leave the situation.



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