Mother Kills Her Children: FILICIDE Explained!

Rachel Henry, a mother of 3 small children, admitted to killing her three children in cold blood. Snippets about this horrible crime has been posted all over the internet within the last 24 hours. The questions still beckons…Why?

We can only assume why this mother decided to kill her children. Her youngest was 7 months old. Did she have postpartum depression? Did she have a history of mental illness? Was there an abusive man figure in her life? Did she have support from family and/or friends?

We must ask these questions because they are indeed relevant.

What was her socioeconomic condition? Negative socioeconomic circumstances can compound to mental illness which leave children vulnerable to neglect and fatal injury. Studies show the link between mental illness and filicide.

It’s important that we look deeper when hearing stories like this. We should ask ourselves if we know anyone who need help financially or mentally. Bringing dinner over for a young mother’s family will surely make her day a bit easier. There are plenty of opportunities to give to local causes in your area. You will find plenty of mothers asking for help on crowdsourcing websites like Can you offer to purchase groceries or maybe offer to pay for daycare expenses for one week.

Before judging Rachel, let’s dig a little deeper but also ask yourself…

Am I part of the problem or can I offer a solution?



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