Ocean Wright: Seeking Justice!

After two years, we are still right here. No one has been arrested in the case of Ocean Wright. Ocean was a 2 year old baby girl who was burned to death by scolding hot water while in the care of her father Chris Whiting, and his new wife Tihani Bowman Martin.

Ocean was rushed to the hospital with second degree burns. The barracks where Chris lived made sure to contact Child Protective Services to cover their ass since they had to pay out 2 million dollars to another family for failure to involve child protective services in another case that involved a child being killed while in the care of the father (Naeem Williams). The stepmother was also involved in that case…story to come.

The mother, Sassidy Curry, said that she will not give up seeking justice for her daughter and I don’t blame her. There are some disturbing details in this case and it’s not clear why this case has not been sent to court. Here’s a video with information from the mother:

The stepmother, Tihani Bowman Martin, seem to have little to no regard for what anyone thinks and seem not to have any remorse. This is what she said on her facebook page shortly after Ocean’s murder:


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