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Trinity Pittman: Baby Killer! RIP Conner.

Trinity Conner

Trinity Conner, a 23 year old mother of two in Palmetto, Georgia, has been charged with child cruelty and murder to her child, 20 month old Conner Perry.

This mother rushed to the hospital after she told authorities that Conner fell from a trampoline. She also told her boyfriend, Jeremy Davis the same story. She told authorities that before going to work, Conner had “went to sleep” after falling. After Conner died, she confessed that she had hit him several times because he disobeyed her demands and soiled his diaper. She said that he fell onto the floor and hit his head after one of her strikes.

Trinity Pittman was arrested on October 26, 2019 and is sitting in the Coweta County jail in Georgia with the charge of murder and child cruelty.

Rest in peace Conner.

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